Potty Training Day 4: Stubborn

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Now day four was a good day minus the attitude. I’m not sure who’s attitude was worse my toddler’s or my own in response to his attitude but we both showed that we are very stubborn. He made it clear that he was busy playing or eating (slowest eater in the house here) and just couldn’t be bothered to check to see if he needed to use the potty while I kept checking with him and encouraging him to sit on the potty.

I then had flashes of what my future was going to be like when he is a teenager and I panicked. I did my best to keep my cool but these visions of him telling me he was too busy to clean his room and that the newest video game was much more important than bathing. Then having fights over why he couldn’t borrow the car after not doing his chores and being disrespectful. These are scary, scary thoughts.

We survived the day, we still liked each other, we still loved each other. I had a glimpse of my toddler becoming a big boy and I am happy we have a long way till we get there. He’s just a stubborn person like his mama.