Potty Training Day 5: HELP!

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I thought I had this process under control, well as under control as you can get. My toddler boy rarely had any accidents. He did a dance, we high fived with each success. I felt good until I started getting more and more attitude from my toddler.

Then I turned to the interwebs for advice. I went to a couple baby boards that I have been a part of for a while and discovered that I was doing almost everything right. Yay, I think. Then one of incredible ladies on one of the baby boards I frequented asked if I used a timer to alert my toddler it was time to check if he had to use the potty. Oh my goodness! Using this technique meant less attitude from my toddler as he felt more in control. It meant less time outs for my toddler as his hissy fits were massive and were terrible displays of disrespect for me. It meant we were back on the same page.

Thank goodness when I needed help I was not only given the key tip to make life better for all of us but I also was reassured that I was using the techniques needed. This meant that my mobile baby was also given more attention and we could focus more on learning and playing.

Yay for help.