Potty Training Day 3: Clothes Are the Enemy

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Day three of the potty training process for toddler boy was no easy feat. We threw too many curve balls at the kid. We dressed him completely and moved the potty from the play room to the bathroom which is really far apart.

We then learned that toddler boy’s shirts are way too long to be able to pull down said shorts and underwear in a hurry. We also learned that the run from the sun room to the bathroom is really way too long to have to remember that you have to do more than simply sit on the potty and pee.

Clothes complicate things, a lot. I mean I know getting dressed for a date with my mister is a hard one to figure out. Where are we going? What are we doing? How much walking will I have to do? What if we change our plans? Will I look under or over dressed for said possible change? Clothes are the enemy, I mean, aren’t the clothes the ones that let us know if we are getting a little fluffy?

I get it and I totally agree little man, clothes are the enemy.