Potty Training Day 2: Reality Settles In...

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So yesterday was all excitement and squealing and today I realized that keeping both boys taken care of and potty training the eldest while keeping the baby, literally out of the potty is going to be a huge undertaking. My toddler still expects me to high five him every time he does anything potty training related and his little brother still needs to be included. Here I thought just taking care of the boys full time was going to be a HUGE challenge, it isn’t anything compared to potty training and caring for both boys.

It’s like the time my then boyfriend flaked on his plans with me to hang out with the boys. The reality hit that I was in a relationship and there will be bumps in the road. Oh and that cute thing when he stopped talking to me when a nice car drives by, becoming less cute.

My son is showing that he is self aware. I was eating breakfast and nursing his brother and then he came up to me squealing that he did it again. I thought this was simply a ploy to get more candy because quite frankly my toddler is smart enough to play on my sleep deprived memory to get a sugar fix. Nope. He used the potty on his own, he peed a little on a tile next to his potty but mostly made the potty without so much as a word from me.

He’s doing it without me!!! I squealed and clapped. I cleaned up the mess then took my little troop to the bathroom to flush what was in the potty in the big toilet. We celebrated as my toddler flushed the toilet. Then we all washed our hands. We marched back to the living room with a clean potty chair and put a sticker on the chart. My big boy got the candy he wanted and put the potty chair back together in the play room. We are getting there! :–)