Potty Training Day 1: The Infatuation

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Potty training is an ongoing conversation in my household, it only make sense as I have three year old in diapers. I talk to my mom about potty training. I talk to my husband about potty training. Hell, I have talked to my toddler about potty training daily if not during every time I go to the bathroom. Yes, it’s true you have kids and stay home with them and you have company every time you use the toilet.

So this week my son came up to me asking to use his personal potty. I was elated! I squealed and jumped up and down and when he asked for his big boy underwear I clapped and screamed! My son was excited to get so much attention and for the rest of the day was in big boy underwear, like daddy. We talked about stickers and I gave him candy.

It was like the beginning of a relationship where my son screaming, “I have to poop!” when he actually had to pee and did outside was adorable. I was just happy he was learning when he should be on the potty.

It’s kind of like how I thought it was adorable when my husband, then crush, paused conversations to figure out what was making that fantastic diesel sound. Or would be giving me an adoring gaze which was interrupted by the Cobra replica that we saw at the intersection we were stopped at. Then the conversation was no longer about what our life may be if we got married but the money it cost to build a Cobra and if he could fit in it. I was infatuated with how passionate he was. You get the point.

Day one was all about the infatuation with the idea of my toddler being potty trained, and my son feeling like he was a big boy like his daddy.