It All Comes Down to Poop

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Let’s talk about how often moms ‘get’ to talk about poop. First we talk about poop all of the time when we are pregnant, or the lack there of due to all the iron we are taking. Then as we get closer to delivery then we are amazed with the amount of ‘cleansing’ our body does.

When we have our beautiful baby then we are very concerned about the number of wet and dirty diapers. You even beg your child when jaundiced to just poop a few more times that particular day. You even proudly show the chart you’ve been using to record all the naps and wet and dirty diapers the first time you go and see the pediatrician.

Then there are the conversations about poop, wet diapers, and frequency that you have with other moms. When you child starts to eat solids, you start to panic due to the length of time between poopy diapers. Then you conversation includes, what foods help your nearly toothless wonder to poop. How about what foods to avoid when you are still having to change poopy diapers. I also love the hysterical moments that I’ve dealt with and didn’t warn my husband about the effect the blue rice crispy treat had on my toddler’s dirty diaper.

I would have never thought that I would have long in depth conversations about my sons bowel movements. I do now have those conversations with more people than I ever dreamed of. Heck, now that I’m trying to convince my eldest son to potty train, we talk about pee and poop every single diaper change. Heck, now my son brings up the topic of poop to me on a daily basis. I have a feeling I will continue to talk about poop for the rest of my life, personally I blame Dr. Oz. He started it. I mean who else but he encouraged us to look in to toilet after we pooped. Yep, I blame him. :-P