Caveman Communication

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You would think that being the only girl in the house that I would not be surprised with the grunting that goes on here. I mean my husband has been known to nod at me and grunt and I would know that means, “Why yes I would love another beer sweetie.” and that a long grunt with eyes closed while at the dinner table and eating a dinner I made means, “Oh my goodness honey, you out did yourself. The cabernet savignion bouquet paired with the fillet mignion and the red wine reduction sauce is outstanding with your roasted garlic mashed potatoes.”.

I learned quickly what my first son was trying to communicate with grunts and hand gestures when he was an infant. He was much more focused on learning and mastering physical milestones, he was all about stacking blocks and figuring out how to use his legos before one.

Now, with my second son I am often in awe over how well he communicates already as an infant. He is a great mimic and sounds like he is using words. No, this isn’t the delusion of a proud mom. I have had other people confirm that he is trying to imitate words being said and he is pretty darn good at it. My son has his clear and concise way of communicating when he wants to eat, play, and crawl. I officially can’t say he didn’t tell me when he needs or wants something.

My eldest loves learning new words and regularly amazes me. Of late he loves to say, “I suppose.”, and uses the perfect inflection when saying it. He uses other fantastic phrases and only likes to use them when he understands their meaning and asks you to say it so he can get the pronunciation down pat then put his own spin on it. My favorite is when someone is trying to talk about something and they don’t understand a word he uses, he then says it perfectly in an exasperated tone that says, ‘duh.’. Yes my children are a wee bit snobby.

So I have the caveman, short hand communication down pat with my guys and the one that is the biggest fan of communicating with grunts is the big one, you know, my husband and their father. Who would have guessed?