Moving, Moving, Done!

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Moving BoxesI was raised as a sort of nomad. I have moved multiple times during my life, went to 5 elementary schools. I was used to it. It was always due to circumstance, trying to make a better life for the family. I got used to being the new girl. I just completed my third move as a married woman, my first move as a mom.

Let me just say, moving is for the young. I was reminded of muscles I forgot I had and was reminded that I am definitely getting older. Oh, and packing with a toddler is an marathon sport. You pack, the child gets excited and unpacks you before you turn around to tape up a box. Your habit of powering through until you are done are sanctioned by your child’s needs and wants. Just because you have 15 more boxes to pack doesn’t mean that your child will willingly entertain himself for the 45 minutes you need. Even though he usually plays by himself for an hour around that time. Nope, your schedule has changed therefore so has your child’s.

I have to admit I was blown away by his hysterical antics during the process. Q has become incredibly vocal about everything. He seems, like his parents, to have an opinion about nearly everything. I love that he realizes now that speaking up and communicating is much more effective than screaming and whimpering.

I am now living in my first house in seven years, I still can’t believe it. I am simply blown away. My son is thrilled with the space, my husband is over the moon with the garage and office space he now has. I am just overwhelmed and kind of miss being able to see and hear everything going on in my home at all times.

I don’t miss hearing my neighbors bathing at midnight. I don’t miss worrying about our movie being too loud for our neighbors or having a migraine and praying they don’t watch a movie that night. Parking is less of an issue, that is very exciting. The yard is much more private, I don’t always have to greet neighbors when chasing my child into the apartment. What can I say? I am a girl that enjoys her privacy.

I feel like we are entering a new era. We were kind of hip and city dwellers when we lived in our apartment (not that we were ever really hip). Now we are further from town and surrounded by families, minivans are everywhere out here. Which is both comforting and terrifying.

Though we have some more work to do, my tired old butt would love to be done with this moving business. So for now, today, this evening, I am sooo done!