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Paradigmn Mini Monitor SpeakerToday on my lovely morning walk I was listening to my favorite Pandora station and heard the Isley Brothers ‘Footsteps in the Dark’ and all that kept playing in my head is ‘It was a good day’ by Ice Cube. I then recalled all the times I would get excited over a ‘new’ song and my mother would immediately let me know that either it was sampled from another song or a remake of a song that I should listen to. In the beginning I would fight valiantly determined to prove that she was wrong, but in a short period of time she would prove she was right and in this process she imparted a great respect of ‘older’ music.

I have lived with many different family members which has helped form who I am in a multitude of ways. I am in awe of how much it has formed my tastes in music. Music is huge in all parts of my family, everyone has a passion about some genre. One aunt insists on listening to her favorite motown or country while we eat. My uncle and mother have a soft spot for anything Luther Vandross, the even saw him perform together. My paternal grandmother loves gospel, and soul music.

The moment my husband, then fiance, went out to visit my Father’s side of the family he proved himself to be a good choice when given permission to play my late grandfather’s records and had most of us remembering a plethora of great memories. He just kept choosing songs on different albums that either made us laugh while reminiscing or just look at each other with tears in our eyes knowingly. Shortly after that My grandmother, my aunt, my father, even some of my cousins let me know that he was a good choice and he was approved.

I met my husband because of music. He was the DJ at a cousin’s wedding, he was cute, and he was the only single man at the venue I wasn’t related to. I asked him to dance and from the moment on both of us were twitterpated. The moment I knew that he was something special was when he sang to me while going for a drive. The moment I knew that he was ‘the one’ we were listening to the radio while watching the fire works for the fourth of July. It is only appropriate that a dancing fool marries a DJ.

I love to sing, though I rarely make anyone listen. My adorable toddler boy regularly sings along with anything and everything. Thankfully we think we are raising yet another music lover. Music is just such a moving wonderful thing. I wonder just how quiet and boring life would be without music. ::shudders:: Never mind, too quiet, must search out more music.