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family_chariot.jpgI have had a great interest in cars for much of my life, it has been a means of freedom to me. I am a little prejudice when it comes to brands when it comes to vehicles, and you can tell what I prefer by looking at the makes of the cars I have owned in my short life. I have had a ‘91 Honda civic, ‘92 Lexus, and ‘06 Honda odyssey.

My mother’s history of cars haven’t been all that grand. She had an Ford escort when I was little and due to not changing a belt the engine was destroyed, sadly from then on my entire family got a bitter taste in their mouth from that experience. Then my mom had a four door VW rabbit, while my father drove a GTI. Mom’s car was named Tweetie as it was yellow and just a sweet little car, while my father’s was named Thumper as it was a fast car and when he shifted there was a bit of thumping as he shifted hard and fast.

The next car was a Sunbird and it was a tired, tired car. My mom bought it from my father’s girlfriend at a steal but honestly the mistress of the hour should have paid her to take it off her hands. I remember the roof was only foam and would shed every time we got into it, and a pen was the shifter. My mom needed a car, only for a short while as my mother finally left my father and relocated to be closer to her family.

The next family car was a Toyota Corona and I would spend my days sitting in the car pretending to drive, pretend shifting in the driver’s seat. I just imagined driving for a long time and merely stopping to have an adventure where ever the road led me. Then my mom got an old Honda Accord, and we were all so proud of her. It was a fantastic car that lasted for 7/8 years, turned out she got the one year of Accord that wasn’t that great and when it died, it died. They didn’t release that car in Japan which meant replacement engines were incredibly expensive.

By that time I was figuring out what my next car would be as my ‘91 civic hatch back simply didn’t feel all that adult. I sold it to my mother for a steal and bought myself my 92 Lexus. The civic took care of my mom for six months then began to putter and act up then we helped her shop for her current car, a Nissan Sentra. The husband fixed the civic which was renamed Put-Put as it became my little sister’s. Put put was just traded in for a Accord coupe as my sister was craving more horse power and something with a/c.

That is my current car history, nothing compared to my husbands, but three cars fit me and I love to do the long haul with cars. I also get emotionally attached so there is no reason to replace or trade cars all that often for me. I think one of the reasons my husband loves me is because we can talk about cars and have a debate as he is open to almost any and all makes and models, while I tend to lean toward the Japanese cars as they have been fantastic to both myself and my family. Hey, if it isn’t Japanese or German, my family has little to no interest. Terrible but true.