Crashing at a New Pad

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If you’re reading this, it means that the DNS records have replicated and Random Musings is now fully hosted on my shiny Linode VPS!

I’ve been steadily growing out of my previous hosting solution over on Host My Site. All things being equal they’ve served me very well, but running Wordpress started to demand more memory than they’d allocate for a shared hosting customer. Then there’s the limited functionality of the PHP stack which I was starting to run up against quite regularly.

I have to say I’m SUPER pleased with Linode so far. I signed up for it on the 21st, and by today I’ve got it completely setup hosting web and email for three domains, with another on the way. I was worried that it would cost me money, but when I account for the other hosting accounts I’ll be able to close I wind up money ahead. Sweet!

Hopefully this change will be seamless to ya’ll, might notice an increase in speed. Let me know if you see anything “odd”. :–)