Babies and Such

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Quincy the Thinker

Once you have one child often family and friends wonder when and if you will have another. In the hubs and my case, most know that we want another child. The debate soon after having our son, literally a couple hours after delivering our son, of who would take care of him the next time we would be in L&D. The other question that came up for the entire first year of our son’s life was when we would start trying, I had hoped to wait for 4-5yrs. while my husband wanted our children closer in age 2-3yrs apart. We had plans.

In my morning stupor I am starting to question our plans. I definitely want a sibling for my son, I would love to give him one soon but I’m not sure how soon that will be. I think I am on an information overload. I have read so much about secondary infertility. Too many articles about parents who got pregnant easily with their first and yet they need assistance from a reproductive endocrinologist to get pregnant with their second child. Now I am freaking out. What if we are one of those couples?!? We got pregnant the first time very easily. Are we doomed to have a long arduous road to try to give our son a sibling? Will we be able to provide a sibling for our child? Is now the right time to try to conceive? Should we wait a bit more?

This is my own personal freak out. Husband this is why I wake up at 6am on a Saturday morning. I know I over think EVERYTHING but I am at a loss as to what to do and to plan for right now. Sometimes I am such a girl sometimes, ewww.