Parenting Roller Coaster

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I completed my first full day in a long time at work Wednesday and was greeted at the door by my precious son who felt a little warm. I figured that my very warm apartment was the issue, and just decided to keep a close eye on him. After being home for a few hours it had cooled down quite a bit in our home and yet DS was still very warm. We took his temperature and he was indeed feverish. We immediately gave him tylenol and together, the hubs and I kept a close eye on him.

He felt feverish again around 11 and we gave him more medicine. I was too antsy to sleep so I watched his temperature as both the hubs slept for a couple hours, he dropped so I figured it was safe to sleep. I slept for maybe three or four hours and was woken up by baby boy rooting to nurse, he was on FIRE. I took his temperature and it was way to high for comfort.

We ran him to the hospital where they gave him more medication in hopes to break his fever and then we waited with the medical staff as they kept checking on him in hopes that the fever would break. Everything else about our son looked fine, he was even playful during our visit to the ER in the early morning hours. After an hour and a half we were discharged and told to call the pediatrician asap to see if he could be seen in the next 24 hours.

We came home and both my husband and son passed out from exhaustion. I on the other hand had to go to work so as soon as I could get a way I got dressed and ran to the office. I worked for a couple hours and got a few things done but headed out pretty early as I knew I wasn’t going to be worth much as the day went on. My boss was incredibly understandable and sweet about my circumstances. I went home in hopes to find a happy baby without a fever and found a happy feverish baby. We went to see his pediatrician and the Dr. let us know that we needed to stick to medicating him regularly until the fever breaks but overall our son was doing ok minus the fever. He gave us a few options as to why he had the fever and if things didn’t improve we are to see him again quite soon.

That night my husband took up the bulk of taking our son’s temperature and medicating him as he knew I was exhausted and knows sleep is very important for my health. Sadly we had to stay on top of medicating him as his fever was still in full force.

The following morning we noticed we could have breaks between doses and could even drop one of the medications. He was still feverish but he wasn’t hitting 103* F anymore and we were thrilled. By the afternoon he seemed to have improved greatly and we haven’t had to give him any medication since.

My son has been doing quite well today, no fever in sight. He has been playful, sweet, energetic, and testing his boundaries. In short he has been a happy toddler. Oh, the roller coaster of emotions that is parenthood, it has been interesting. I have learned that my husband and I move quickly and precisely as a team. We both know when the other has hit their limit and the one that can keep going is quick to take on a little more responsibility when it is needed. I was given a reminder that I have much to be thankful for and to appreciate how much we have been blessed.