Potty Training Day 10: Getting Better

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Yesterday was horrid, just horrid as everyone was struggling with the emotional turmoil of the accidents. Yes, even the baby realized that everyone was having a hard time. It’s amazing how your child has an accident and you try to focus all your energy on making it right and yet you, as a mother, find the time to beat yourself up for dropping the ball and possibly not give your kid enough time and attention.

Today, we are getting better, much better. My son started the day with an accident and a shower and I had a load of laundry to do before doing anything. We followed it up with being my son then being way too confident with his bladder control and having a moment where he forgot to take his pants off while peeing. From that point on he was showing his prowess, kicking butt and taking names and kept things dry everywhere but in the potty.

You are so happy you stumbled over this blog right now. I mean, I can just see the techie followers of my husband wondering what in the hell they came across. You can thank my ever so wonderful husband for sharing this space with his stay at home mom wife to share the joys of pees and poops and lactating boobies and other fantastical bodily functions. Go ahead, take a minute to thank him. :-P