Potty Training Day 9: Set Back

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My potty training star and his little brother were in rare form and all they want is to cling to me and make demands. I think I was just worn out and the boys just like to go full throttle, meaning I was a big baby on this day. My toddler was in a mouthy mood and my baby was dealing with the teething woes along with me being tired and in some kind of allergy stupor, it was a bad combination.

The potty training was great until we had words when he just wasn’t willing to sit on the potty for a minute to be sure he was ok. It went down hill fast after that point. He had an accident, he was upset with himself. I cleaned him up in a hurry, not a big deal, well I didn’t think so until I took his favorite pajamas and he cried. I hurried and got him in another favorite outfit and he was still in tears. The baby was screaming his head off as I put him in the pack n play to keep him out of the mess I was cleaning. My baby doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t want him clinging to my side, ready to bolt to get into some kind of mess.

The stress of this event along with me not getting my much needed 5-10 minutes of quiet on my own and me not feeling spectacular was building up. My solution? Take the boys on a walk, of course! I needed to get some endorphins going and my toddler needed another outing sans diaper and my baby needed some sunshine. We went on said walk and came back to the house in a better mood, or so I thought. I asked my toddler to sit on the potty a couple times. Sadly he refused and announced he could do it by himself. Cue accident number two while he made it to the potty he forgot getting his pants off first.

There were tears and panic from both my husband and toddler at this point. I had to stop a nursing session with my baby and take over just so things would calm down. When everyone was cleaned up and calmed down I sat and cried. This is the easy stuff guys, and as they get older it is only going to get harder. I want to be an awesome mom and today I didn’t feel like an awesome mom. I know there are going to be hard days but when you are in the thick of it, holy crap this job is so hard.

The day ended on a good note and I needed that. I’ll try to be an awesome mom again tomorrow.