Hard Conversations

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We all have them, some are easier than other but they all have their own level of awkwardness no matter how many times we rehearse what we are going to say.

The hard conversations I have had are numerous from the awkward “I have a crush on you. Do you like me?” to “Do you want to get married?” to “What kind of discipline do you want use for our future children?”. Now that I’m starting to have those hard conversations with our children, you would think that that would be far off into the future but no. Now that my three year old is becoming aware of the differences in people be it size or color or hair types I realized we need to start making sure he knows his background is and understands that we all make up a beautiful rainbow that is the world.

Our first conversation went over better than I expected and left me in awe over the mind of a three year old. It went something like this:

M: “Q, did you know that you are black, Mexican, Native American, and white?”

Q: “I black? I white? I Mexican like Dora? Wow!”

M: “Yes you are all of those things.”

Q: “I black! I change color some day?!”

This is the point where I walked out of the room hysterically laughing, we are talking doubled over, couldn’t breathe, tears streaming down my face. Have I mentioned how awesome my kids are? Because they are AWESOME!