The Odd Woman Out

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That’s me, I am the odd woman out in my home. I have two boys and my husband and often it feels like an all boy house as I cuddle in my favorite spot on the couch and attempt to read something girly. I’m happy to have my boys, they are awesome, I wouldn’t trade either of them for a girl ever. I find that all the boys get kind of quiet as my husband works on something techie, car related, or yard work related in their presence.

Now that my 3 year old is becoming aware of everything and wants to talk about everything he likes to remind me that I’m different. I’m shorter than my husband, by over a foot, I have curly hair he has straight hair, etc. His newest epiphany? Penises. Good times, let me tell you.

We had the following conversation:

3yr old: “I has a pianus.”

Me: “Yes you do.”

3yr old: “Baby brother has a pianus.”

Me: “Yes he does.”

3yr old: “Daddy has a pianus.”

Me: “Yes he does, good job son.”

3yr old: “You has a pianus?”

Me: “No I do not.”

3yr old: Looks at me shocked and with pity, “You not has a pianus mommy?”

Me: “No son, I don’t have a penis. I’m a girl and girls don’t have penises.”

3yr old: Furrows brows and gives me a concerned look, “Mommy not has a pianus.”

Me: “Yes son, I do not have a penis.”

3yr old: Smiles, “But Daddy and baby brother and me has a pianus.”

Me: “Right again son. Good job.”

I’m not sure my son will ever look at me the same way again now knowing that not only do I have lactating breasts but I don’t have a penis. He really seemed to be so concerned that I didn’t have such an important body part. I laughed hysterically after he left the room. I think his epiphanies will often leave me cracking up even when it means I am in fact the odd woman out.