Motherhood Is Complicated

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You know those moments when you are ready for a change, something big that will put some pep in your step? I have an afro. It has taken years to get it this long. My boys know nothing but me with braids or wearing my afro big. Every now and again I consider chopping it short like it was on my wedding day or for fun to straighten my hair for a minute or dying my hair. When I consider this I wonder how my boys would respond, if they would recognize me as their mom or if they would be upset by such a drastic change.

There are days that I wonder about plastic surgery, you know whether or not to get the mommy make over when the boys are grown. I’m talking tummy tuck, breast lift, and implants…right now there is no way that is happening. Other than the brutal recovery while trying to take care of my kids I also wonder what kind of example I would be setting. I’m queen of love yourself for yourself, embrace who you are so it feels like I would be hypocritical to change myself via plastic surgery. I wonder what that would say to my boys about what is important about the qualities of a woman.

Now I don’t judge nor encourage others to judge that may want to do cosmetic surgery. I am amazed by the actual surgeries, fancinated with the implants and techniques and amazed by the end results. I just don’t know if I personally can do it and still be me.

I remember just going and doing things for myself and now I have to think of the impact that my decisions may have on my baby boys. Things sure got complicated.