Music and the Boys

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Both my boys seem to have interest in music, singing, drumming, and dancing. Due to the chance meeting of my beloved and I being an affair he was DJing this is very dear to my heart. We are a music loving household.

I have noticed there is a difference between the boys preferences in that baby boy is quick to join in my silliness happily and willingly. The toddler on the other hand isn’t a fan of my singing, my voice is pretty but nothing to write home about. He can’t stand my dancing unless I’m spinning him. Oh and he’s not sure about my music choices when it involves me singing along. Now that means rap is fine as I can’t rap to save my life.

I had no idea that these little beings would be such critics so early on. I am noticing that the toddler has deemed music with daddy is fine as long as he doesn’t act too much like me when listening.

I can’t wait to explain to my eldest boy that if it wasn’t for mommy and her dancing ways he might not be here. :-P