My Torrid Confession...

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I LOVE the Gilmore Girls. I love the cheesy storyline, I love the silly romances, the silly friendships. I love all the dysfunctional relationships that somehow come to a nearly peaceful resting place within an hour. I loved the relation ship between Lorlei and Rori. I felt a kinship with their relationship as it was reminiscent of the relationship between my mother, my sister, and I. We have comical relationships, we play off each other and crack each other up daily, though we had more of a George Lopez, Chris Rock playful antics than what they had.

I looked forward to watching it Monday-Friday on a network I rarely admit watching.

I have even developed a soft spot in my heart for Scott Patterson (actor that plays Luke). In some ways that character has an air that is reminiscent of my husband, protective and hardworking and sweet. I even think he is cute, almost as cute as my husband. I totally blame my husband being one of those spectacular men that I compare all to and that is why I have a crush on him. :-P

On many of my days suffering from my extreme morning sickness when pregnant with my second son, I would lay on the couch watching the Gilmore Girls twice a day. I would squeal when it would start and happily watch it or if I was too ill that day (i.e. running to the bathroom to kneel before the porcelain throne too often) I would record the shows to watch later. I have even been known to set up the DVR to record both episodes being shown that day even though I knew that the morning episode was a rerun played the evening before. I feel shame, I told you it was a torrid confession.