Renewed Passion

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I attempted a day of rest yesterday as it was one of my last days when my husband was easily available while I recovered from my c-section. I ended up watching a lot of the new food channel (Anyone else feel like this is a more cooking focused fine living network? Anyone?) and found my self getting a bit excited at the thought of getting back in the kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong, I do cook but everything has become routine and needs to be easily taken over by my husband as one or both boys may suddenly need something only their mom can provide. My husband can hold his own in the kitchen but I can’t expect him to get where I was going with two or three pots on the stove and read my mind as to what my goal was. I like recipes but love to get inspired, use basic technique I have learned years ago and run with it.

I found myself considering staying home full time with my boys and making bread. Yep, I’m thinking about getting a sourdough starter again and making bread regularly. I watched Giada make a rather small pan of focosia and wondered why she didn’t poke her fingers through the dough and then pour her olive oil all over and debated if I liked the idea of adding grapes as a topping. Then I remembered the challenge of braiding challah and how yummy it was for french toast for breakfast. I had flash backs of making danish dough and how much work was involved and wondered if that is even possible with two boys in tow. I mean having a homemade danish is delightful and you can make some of the flakiest decadent cinnamon rolls ever with it. Can you tell I was never an advocate of the Atkin’s diet?

I suddenly remember my Asian food obsession, how I was attempting to make an array of foods from different countries. Thankfully my husband told me everything was yummy and would clean his plate. I wonder if I can attempt to add sushi to my menu. Oh and I have to try to make Pho again, collect my beef bones and make my own stocks from scratch again.

I’m definitely feeling renewed in my passion, my choice of career so many years ago, mama is feeling inspired to get cooking again. We shall see if I’m successful. I’m sure you will hear from both myself and the husband about said attempts…I guarantee you will have a couple laughs.