'67 Caddy Day 1 - Triage

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Day 1

She arrived today at around 10:50 am.  I used Express Auto Transport by the way, this being my first experience with auto transport, it went quite seamlessly and I’m quite happy!

When I bought her, I knew that the water pump was leaking so she’s got no coolant right now.  Got to pull it off to determine if this is a “single” or “double” inlet pump for replacement.  Going to do the pump, hoses, and thermostat and flush/pressure test it quite soon.

When the driver pulled it off of the trailer, evidently the brakes surprised him.  The brakes have NO resistance until the very last bit of the pedal travel.  The master cylinder is new, and the fluid looks clean, so it’s either a bubble in the system or a brake line or wheel cylinder is leaking.  That’s definately #1 on the list.  If I need to do anything serious here, I’ll probably be upgrading it to a later model disc brake system.

I knew that the power door locks didn’t work, what I didn’t know is that the door locks don’t appear to work at all!  I very meticulously made sure all the doors were locked when I parked it on the street, then went to the DMV to transfer ownership.  When I arrived back home I wanted to put the new registration into the glove box.  So, I tried my key in the passenger door lock cylinder.  Hmmn.. Wouldn’t fit.  That’s okay, lets try the drivers side!  Uhhmn… Nope, not that one either.  “Great, did I just lock myself out of the car on the first day?!” I thought to myself.  Then, on a whim I tried the drivers door, though it appeared locked.

I was simultaneously relieved, and paniced when the door popped open without trouble.  Yay!  I didn’t lock myself out!  Crap, I can’t lock the car!

One good thing I did discover though is that the steering column is indeed tilt AND telescoping.  I was expecting the telescoping adjuster to be in the middle of the steering wheel like on the older models, but as it turns out it’s hiding on the top of the column just behind the wheel.  Pretty stoked about that.

Of course, that comes with a down side, the turn signals and emergency flashers don’t work apparently because of the switch in the column.

Ohh, and the trunk is missing it’s lock cylinder entirely, going to need to pull the rear seat and crawl into the trunk to get her open.

She needs lots of love!  Gotta get the brakes and cooling system in check right quick, and go from there!