What I've Been Up To...

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First, I’m amazed that I didn’t mention this here yet!  The picture above is of my previous daily driver, a 1999 Ford Explorer.  On April 7th my wife was driving it home after a light rain, and while accellerating onto an onramp she lost control, spun around 180 degrees and rolled it one time.

Fortunately, she was mostly unharmed.  A few bruises, some cuts, and a few pounds of glass in her hair (only a slight exaggeration) was all she suffered.

I got our insurance company on the case the very next day, and they paid out in about 2.5 weeks from the initial claim.  “In good hands” indeed!  I paid the salvage fee so I could keep the wreck and part it out.

So, what I’ve been busy with is dismantling this, working on a few computer jobs, and shopping for the X’s successor.  And, I’ve found it…

It’s a 1967 Cadillac Sedan Deville.  My wife, our son, and I all jumped into the van and drove down to LA this past weekend, and took a look at her.  I picked this car up for a cool $1000, and promptly scheduled an auto transport company to tote it from Fontana to our door step in Santa Barbara.

As we speak it should be getting loaded onto the auto transport rig, and I should have it here by tomorrow.

Stay tuned as I have LOTS in store for this car since it’ll be my new project, and daily driver!