The Upgrade Begins

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I just placed the first of two orders for the components to my new desktop machine!

This upgrade is sorely overdue, the last time I got a “new” machine was about 3 years ago and it was antiquated then. So I’m going from my 2.4GHZ P4 with 1GB RAM and an assortment of various drives to this new beast I’m building.

This first order was for a 24” Widescreen LCD, Ergo keyboard, speakers, and a gigabit switch. I also ordered a power supply and some fans for an different project entirely. The total cost shipped was $631.53 with about $50 representing stuff not associated with this upgrade.

The rest of the parts will consist of a 2.4GHZ Intel Core Quad Processor, 8GB RAM, a 500GB drive, Vista Ultimate 64, and a fairly run of the mill 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT.

Sadly, still not “bleeding edge” but certainly a big step up from what I’ve got. I’m hoping to enjoy it’s speed when doing stuff like non linear video editing of HDV from my camcorder using Cinelerra. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed, and I’ll be sure to post results here, so stay tuned for more!