Corvette ZR1 Owners - Schooled

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Okay, so I’ve been a little bit out of the loop on the new Corvette ZR1 in spite of being a Motor Trend subscriber.

Bottom line, this is the fastest car the General has ever produced in any quantity for public consumption. You can read all about Motor Trend’s first drive here.

However, my very favorite part is in the first paragraph of this page, where they reveal that every new ZR1 owner will be given the opportunity to attend a free high performance driving school!

It’s good to see Chevy taking a proactive approach to educating their customers, particularly when planting them behind the wheel of something as quick as the ZR1. It’s not exactly what I proposed here, namely that I should be able to buy a car like the ZR1 if I was able to demonstrate my ability to handle it and my overall enthusiasm for the car, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Hey Chevy, how ‘bout if I finish a course with Bob Bondurant “with honors” you offer me a discounted ZR1? Yeah… Right..