Potty Training Day 12: Old Hat

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We did the scariest thing ever! We took both boys grocery shopping while one was diaperless! Scary stuff, huh? We went grocery shopping without both boys last week, yes we were big chickens, so what!

My big boy was doing well all day with the potty training, you know acting like he’s been doing this for years. He even had attitude with me when I asked if he needed to use the potty, he rolled his eyes and told me I was silly since he had just peed a few minutes ago. Epic.

Back to grocery shopping. We weren’t used to this process and both my husband and I spaced on offering a potty break at the first store. We went to the second store with our eldest son recovering from grocery cart regret, he didn’t use the cart with the plastic car on the front per his request to “Be like Mommy and Daddy”, then lost his mind when he saw another kid riding in it.

So our first trip to a commercial toilet, I was nervous and my son was excited. We ran to the bathroom since my son announced he had to pee NOW. I saw the womens bathroom was occupied so I figured having my son with me authorized us to use the mens bathroom. It worked out nicely and so far my son isn’t petrified of those evil automatic flushing toilets. We did in fact high five after washing our hands and grocery shopping was narrated by my son.

He is just so happy with himself but has this air to him that just says, ‘Yeah, I’m just that awesome.’