Potty Training Day 7: Going Out

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We have survived so far. Heck, it has been smooth sailing considering how hard and rough this journey could be. I love to stay home and frankly my toddler prefers to stay home unless we are going to visit his Nana or go to a park but we need to try going out. We needed a kiddie pool to survive the heat wave we were dealing with (and by we, I mean me). So I asked my mom to come with us, as I was too big of a baby to even consider going on this trip with my boys on my own.

We went to the store and though the toys were a distraction we some how made it out with my toddler dry and with only a few tears and a kiddie pool. We forced the pool in my van with the help of a kind gentleman that saw us struggling to put it in the vehicle. We got home and got the boys out of the car and then celebrated on our ‘dry run’ with our own little pool party.

I think we are doing well (and by we, I mean my toddler) is doing an awesome job. We got out of the house! :throws confetti: