New and Newer

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The Boys Like Blocks I have been kindly blessed with two beautiful boys. My eldest is going to be three soon and my youngest is six months old. They are amazing, interested in everything, and are already best friends. I know it sounds silly but when I was pregnant my youngest would kick furiously when his big brother was near. He still does this to this day, with a giant smile as he crawls towards his big brother. My eldest is simply in awe over the fact that his little brother is just like him only small and with fewer teeth. He regularly checks on his baby brother, tries to play games with him and loves to ‘read’ to him.

I do have a problem, and that problem is the youngest is trying to do everything his brother is already doing. Then the oldest is trying to be just like his daddy, which is wonderful but I was planning on having a little toddler for a bit longer darn it all. I love and adore these children and good grief they keep me on my toes from morning to night every day and I’m loving every second of it. My boys are still new and newer to me, will be forever I’m sure.