My Gated Community

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Moving on up! Ok, not really. My youngest little man is mobile and moving at ridiculous speeds. When I went to his four month appointment his physician mentioned that I should have the baby gates up and prepared to keep baby boy from any and all possible dangerous incidents, well all that wouldn’t involve my toddler, his amazing big brother. I realized the child safety latches on cabinets and doors and outlet covers that we keep in place for our toddler isn’t enough for our newly mobile baby.

My son like all the men in my life is drawn to the dangerous and shiny. I also learned that my toddler and baby will be a force to be reckoned and yet they will tell on each other often. Example: Toddler opened the gate to, as he puts it, check on the baby. Upon leaving the gated area he was in a hurry due to being an out of control airplane and it didn’t occur to him to close the gate. Baby gets free while I am peeing and when I come out of the bathroom I find the baby drumming on the torch in the living room while the toddler is screaming, “Baby no touch that!!!”. They totally ratted each other out, but now we have to make it abundantly clear toddler isn’t allowed to open and close the gate unless supervised.

So now when I sit in the living room, otherwise known as mom’s room according to the toddler I am surrounded by a giant play yard. When I do laundry my kids watch from the other side of a gate. This is my personal gated community and frankly the view is lovely. ;–)