Today Was a Good Day

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We all mark good days on different scales. My good day may be different from yours, and I know my husband’s good day is different from others (geeks have different definitions of most things in life).

Now that I am a new stay at home mom, it’s only been six months, and have health issues and am constantly trying to keep by boys happy and healthy my definition of a good day may be different from yours.

My definition of a good day is only waking up twice during the night to burp and feed my baby while waking up for the day around eight. Then both boys get cleaned, dressed and fed first thing in the morning.

It means getting breakfast before nine am, and drinking all my coffee by eleven am.

It means the dishwasher gets emptied and filled and run before lunch time.

It means getting some quality play time with both my boys together and separately.

It means a hot shower, hair styled and dressed cute. (Oh and deodorant and lotion are a must for cute.)

It means we all get lunch before one pm and the mess is cleaned up shortly after we eat.

A good day means I get to make dinner with little interruptions and if it is from scratch that is an excellent day.

My good day ends with cuddles and kisses with both of my sons and some quality time with my man. Right now, the way things went from chaotic to sweet, I’m counting today as a good day. I hope yours was good too.