I Made Velveeta

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I attended a city college culinary program, which means I know a little about food. I learned the basics of the culinary world, things like mother sauces, cuts of meat, basics of pastries, ect. I’m a foodie. I love food, like it and love to play with it and experiment. Thankfully my husband enjoys my experiments, eating and helping me cook and inspiring me.

Well in my attempts to focus on using on what is on hand I made a simple baked potato dinner. Which meant I could bake potatoes and make fun toppings and have fun with it. I decided we had to have a cheese sauce, it was vital. I made a lovely blonde roux, then a slightly runny bechemel and then added cheeses, nutmeg, cayenne, and mustard. It was delightful and strangely familiar. When my husband came home after a long day he smiled as he put his potato together and let me know the cheese sauce was awesome. He even offered to have my babies (attractive offer after you have had two children). I looked at him and said, “Yeah, I made velveeta. My teachers would be proud.”

I love when I get through a week when I don’t throw away any food and we don’t have any reason to go grocery shopping mid week, it’s exciting to me. Yeah I know, I’m a bit strange.