Doctor, Sir. Parenthood Is Messy and I Love It! ;-)

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Q’s pediatrician was both R’s and my pediatrician when we were little. Due to an emergency situation he still remembers me, vividly. We are considered relatively young parents in our area. For the most part, here you are either a teen parent or you wait until you are at least 35 or older. We are the odd couple somewhere in the middle. So we have an interesting relationship, I feel like he considers us with a little affection.

When we first brought Q in for his first check up his doctor was giggling asking about how we were doing with bodily fluids. Both R and I laughed and said it is just par for the course. I had, at that point been pooped on, my husband had been peed on; both of us had been spit up on.

I had to take Q in to see the pediatrician last week to just confirm he just had a cold and wasn’t dealing with anything more serious. I was holding Q while he was getting his ears check and his nose was running down to his shirt. I wanted to wipe his nose but I had to hold him still so it was impossible. His doctor giggled and pointed out the mess. I shrugged, wiped his nose and said that is what the washing machine is for. He looked at me rather surprised.

Doctor, Sir. I’m a mom. Snot, pee, poop, dirt, sticky foods, it is just part of being a parent. I rarely get to have an outfit on for more than an hour around my son before I will have some kind of shmutz on me. When I have two boys I’m sure it will be worse. I’m ok with that, heck I’m even excited about that. LOL! And to to think that some thought I was prissy.