Pregnant Weight Rant

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Tate MaternityNow let it be said that I am not skinny, I haven’t been skinny for years. Heck I haven’t weight 100lbs since puberty struck and I’m ok with that. Thankfully I am happy with my body and I see room for improvement. I am thrilled to say that the hubs is sweet on my current figure and has been a fan of my body for the entirety of our marriage. I just hate how the topic of weight and size keeps coming up at the oddest times, I mean I’m at work and someone will ask me how my weight is going. Um, I am in my third trimester in my second pregnancy, why the heck is it your business what my weight is? Why is it now that I am carrying and supporting another life it’s ok for you to ask and then have an opinion about the fact that I am actually still down from the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant?!? I’m not sure if this hormonal woman is ok with either response to this piece of information. People may tell me, ‘Good for you!’ :gives person blank stare: Are you trying to break it to me that you thought I was fat? Are you just not a fan of women gaining weight to sustain healthy life? Am I ready too much ‘jelly’ for you? Last time I looked in the mirror I looked good, darn good. Last time I walked down the street to get somewhere I get smiles, from men and women appreciating that my form is to sustain another life. Smiles because I’m happy and confident in who and what I am which is obvious in the way I hold myself.

The other answer which irritates me is ‘Are you eating enough? I mean you have seen a doctor and they have said you aren’t hurting yourself or your child, right?’, really? You think that I would take as much time to take care of myself but when I’m pregnant I wouldn’t go see a doctor regularly to be sure that both my unborn child and I are ok? You would think that I would harm my baby or myself in some way? I love my children, both my toddler and my unborn son. They are a huge chunk of my everything. I have seen a doctor as soon as they would see me for my current condition and have been reassured over and over that all is well and wonderful with both of us.

I know I gained some weight in my last pregnancy, and according to my OB that was healthy and good for both of us as my son’s growth was perfect. I also know that I go out of my way to eat healthy daily and eat multiple meals and snacks daily in this pregnancy and my son has already showed signs of being a big strong child that will be born in a couple of months. Was there ever concern about my lack of weight gain? Sure, but I went to a specialist and he checked my youngest son’s growth and development and he is right on track for a above average fetus. When we got that green light from him both my OB and I sighed a sigh of relief and have continued to see that this pregnancy has progressed well.

Now my goal for this pregnancy was to have a ‘skinny’ pregnancy, meaning I was going to be back down to my wedding day weight and then get pregnant, then gain a beautiful amount of weight and be that really cute pregnant lady. Due to complications of life and interesting health circumstances this didn’t work out. When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon, and I still am. I got over the fact that I wouldn’t be able to shop at a trendy maternity store in town and just figured I’d be a bit curvier, like I was last time. I embraced it and moved on. I’m ok with it, but Lordy why do I have to explain where I’m at so often with, at times, complete strangers. I know I’m a friendly person, I am generally cool with sharing but can’t I have a few off limit areas when I’m exhausted trying to be all I can be for my husband and my baby boys?

I have never regretted not weighing 100lbs or less since being an adult, I don’t look good under 120lbs. I know, I have tried it out and I’m all skin and bones and my body resists it. When I say resists it I ache from head to toe, I don’t have much energy. My body just feels better at a higher weight. Weight is simply a taboo topic and when you are a person that has studied the number on the scale critically and wondered why you can’t seem to keep your weight lower like all the girls at school do. It means that you aren’t thinking about your body, your gentics, your shape. My genetics, my shape is not conducive to weight 120 or less, just isn’t and I’m ok with it.

Now if I could get everyone else on board or to just leave the weight topic alone for bit life would be good. Because some days I don’t want to have a debate on my weight, it’s my booty and I love it. You don’t? Then don’t look at it. :-P