MacBook Pro - First Impressions

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I just took delivery of my latest new computer from my employer.  This time, instead of another run of the mill IBM compatible laptop or desktop it was a fancy new 17" MacBook Pro.  We're developing software which we're supporting in Safari using the Silverlight plugin and I needed to be able to develop and test in that native environment.

First, let me give you some background.  See, I'm an Apple geek from days of yore.  We're talking Mac II and Quadra days here.  I was raised around Apples because my father owned his own business in the desktop publishing industry.  Around 1996 or so, I started to defect to "the dark side" and use the Windows OS, and only a few short years later I started dabbling with Linux, which is my current OS of choice.

Now, I knew that OSX was BSD based, and I knew I'd like it.  I also knew that the Apple hardware was pretty stinkin' elegant.  But man…. I had no idea.  This feels all so new and exciting, but at the same time comfortable and familiar.  In the ~3hrs I've had it I've installed pretty much an entire Groovy/Grails development tool set as well as installing and configuring things I'll be using on a daily basis.

I'm discovering some things which require are requiring a bit of research, but once I find the answer it usually fits some pattern or concept that is very familiar.  I'll likely be blogging about a few of those items as I continue to "move in" to my new machine.