The Weaning

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Yep, here I go talking about boobies again. I am currently awake at the wondrous hour of 3am because my beautiful precious son is awake and has nursing needs but I announced that I am done breastfeeding my son and want a break. I explained to my ever loving husband that Thursday night will be the last time our son will nurse because I just can’t handle the draining of my energy and the lack of sleep, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

So as we make it through our first night attempting wean him completely we slowly worked out a plan. Bottle of warm cows milk and Sprout while keeping me hiding in our living room until I am texted that is safe to return. This our second round, which to be honest is a surprise. I didn’t expect to get any sleep and I was able to get a whole four hours so far.

I must admit, part of me was really hoping that the hubs would do this wake up so it was a little smoother of a transition but I reacted like usual and woke up enough to cuddle in hopes that is all my son wanted. My attempts were futile and he kept trying to find my breast so as to latch on for a wee hour morning snack. Finally I sucked it up and kissed our son good bye and ran down stairs to start warming up some milk for his next bottle. The crying ensued and I felt like the 45 seconds were the longest EVER. Then I came back to a fumbling husband trying to soothe our toddler in the dark, not only was he awake to help me but he even was standing and rocking our baby boy.

I am now downstairs listening to my son randomly share his disappointment that I didn’t just join him and offer my breast. I am not sure if the powers of Sprout have been used just yet but my son doesn’t sound interested in any of this kicking the habit of the ta-tas.

I love you little man, but this is for the best for us all. Momma just can’t do the breast-feeding anymore. Momma needs her rest and would love to be done with your stage of nursing.