My TMI Post

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Warning: This post may be a bit, um, private or sensitive but it must be said.

Time and time again I see the commercials for Viagra and Levitra and they have their spokesmen saying, puzzled that one medical condition or another has effected their performance in the bedroom.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I yell at the television questioning if that is for real. I mean really? You didn’t know that things that effect your blood flow to your entire body would effect your erectile function. For serious!!???

Mkay, I have no medical education. I only have the education taking care of my grandfather after heart attacks and open heart surgery. The education that life as a dental assistant gives you. Which by no means gives me the medical authority of anything. And yet I know that diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure can effect erectile function. I realize in turn that the medication to help with these conditions also can effect erectile function. WHY ON GOD’s GREEN EARTH DON’T MOST OF OUR SOCIETY NOT KNOW THIS TOO???!!!???

You need blood to flow to this body part to be able to function to do blank. Why wouldn’t cholesterol which slowly clogs blood vessels effect this function? Why wouldn’t high blood pressure effect this function? Why wouldn’t diabetes which effects so many other aspects of your ability to function not effect erectile function? I wish instead of using these medications men took the time to take care of themselves to do the best to prevent these issues to the best of their ability.

Too much to ask, I know. I hear more and more that men are dying from preventable illnesses. If only they had gone to a doctor and had taken action when a health concern was in the warning or beginning stages. Yet so many fight it every step of the way. They are too busy. They are able to ‘man up’ through what ever ailment they are coping with. Sigh. Yet if they can’t get it up they run to their doctor and ask for a pill.

Not often do you hear about a man who can’t get it up and they demand that their physician to do a battery of tests to make sure everything is ok. Make sure that this isn’t a precursor to another, bigger, possibly more serious health concern.

What am I getting at? Guys if you take care of yourself. If you see a doctor regularly and bring up you concerns that you may have quickly, maybe you won’t need the mighty blue pill. Maybe you will be healthy enough for sex and be able to enjoy a great deal of other aspects of life.

Common sense people, please use it.