Super Special Chuck in 3D.. Riiiight

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For those of you who may have missed it, this week one of my favorite new(ish) sitcoms Chuck presented this episode in 3D.

I had evidently missed the marketing campaign that mentioned that it would be in 3D, probably cause I’m not a big sports fan, and most of the hype was during the super bowl. Consequently, I was caught with my pants down (as it were) with no 3D glasses with which to watch the show.

Fortunately, I always record Chuck on our cable company provided DVR (no fancy Tivo for us), so as soon as I realized it was being presented in 3D, I paused it, and began scrambling for a solution.

As it turns out, I have some gels used to modify the light coming from my photography flashes. I also just happened to have two each of the red and blue gels (so my wife could enjoy the 3D-ness too). A quick Google search later to determine which eye is which color, and the contraption you see before you was born.

Sadly though, it was still the same cheesy 3D effect that we’re all used to. And to make it worse, since it’s a broadcast television show, they toned down the effect so those without glasses could still watch without their eyes hurting. The overall result was less than awesome. Never the less, the episode was good, and I can’t complain. Plus, I’ve got a fun story to tell about how I made my own 3D glasses.