4.5L Duramax - GTM Supercar

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Okay, if you thought the idea of a lightweight sports car with a big diesel v8 was exciting, consider this.

There is a kit car company out there named Factory Five that makes various kit cars. Cobra replicas, hot rods, and perhaps most interestingly, a “build it yourself” super car.

Now the GTM super car kit is designed to be built mostly from 5th generation corvette parts, including the LS1 motor that’s usually under the hood. Now, we’ve already established that the 4.5L duramax due in 2010 is designed to fit in the same envelop as the average LS series gas motor, and for the time being, I’m going to stick to my assertion that the bellhousing bolt pattern will remain the same. If all that turns out to be reality, this vehicle is practically designed to take the 4.5L duramax! Sure, some intake and exhaust work will be necessary to point stuff out the other direction, however the “inverse” design of the intake an exhaust (exhaust ports and turbo live in the “V” of the motor, and intake is on the outside of the heads) might make this modification fairly easy.

Even at ~340hp, this thing should do 0-60 in around 3.5 seconds and put down a very low 11 second ¼ mile! The best part is, where my proposed Saturn Sky would be near the limits of traction and structural rigidity, this vehicle is DESIGNED for big power and huge stresses. When the aftermarket catches up with the 4.5L, imagine how this thing would perform with over 500hp and 800-900ft/lbs torque!

Including the kit, the required C5 parts, and acquiring the new 4.5L duramax I imagine you could build one of these for under $70k. Just imagine! You’d have something that out runs and out guns just about any super car ever built, and still knock down huge MPG numbers when you stay out of the loud pedal.

I’m going to start saving my pennies now. ;–)