3.0L Mercedes Diesel - Datsun 240z

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I tend to have lots of ideas about project cars that I think are pretty cool. The chances are I won’t ever build any of them, but I figured I could start documenting them here just for fun, or on the odd chance that somebody reads my ideas and decides to build one of them.

So, for my first submission..

I’ve been interested in the early to mid 70’s datsun z for some time. I even bought the “jags-that-run” book on converting one to a chevy 350 drivetrain. I’m still very interested owning one of these cars and doing an engine swap. Here’s what I think would be cool.

Take a 3.0L diesel, the modern common rail motor that is also dubbed “Blutec” when all of the emissions magic is done on it, out of a wrecked Mercedes and stuff it into a 240z. Yeah, there are bigger badder diesel motors but they are heavier and would extend past the front axle of the z. I’m looking for a small, fast, but most importantly agile car.

Of course, the ideal transmission for this would be a true 6 speed manual, but no production vehicle with the 3.0L has one so getting the computer to cooperate, and mating up a manual may be more trouble than it’s worth. However, if you carried over the 7 speed automatic from the Benz and fashioned a paddle type shifter to activate the up and down shifts (should be possible since there is an “automanual” setting for the Benz that’s clearly electronically triggered) it should still be a heck of a lotta fun in the twisties.