Sweet ~= Savory

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So my wife and I have this meal tonight. It consists of one of those Bertolli dinners in a bag, a salad and some bread, accompanied by the recommended wine pairing (Chianti).

After completing it, we had some pastries made by Entenmanns. And no, we don’t usually eat so much easily prepared food, we actually do know how to cook and my wife actually completed culinary school, we were just lazy tonight.

So as we’re taking the last bites of our extraordinarily rich and sweet desserts my wife turns to me and says;

“You know what would really finish this meal?”

“Coffee?!” I say sarcastically since she teased me about not making some to go with dessert only moments ago.



“Close” she says.

“What?” I ask…


Let that sink in……………………………

Clearly the perfect complement to our dessert will be a big salty and vinegary pickle! Needless to say I laughed till I cried, then vowed to blog the incident for all to enjoy.

My wife insists that I clarify that she meant that the perfect compliment to the entire meal from start to finish would be a pickle. I still find the combination hilarious.