Apples? Sure, Sign Me Up!

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I grew up with computers. I used a TRS-80, and probably one of every family of macintoshes. However, I eventually defected to IBM Compatible PC’s, and Microsoft Windows around the age of 14-ish. I’ve been a “PC” guy ever since. Usually running Windows, but preferring to run a lot of my personal hardware on various flavors of Linux.

Welp, the time has come for me to reconsider Apple Mac’s. In particular, I really want a 15” MacBook Pro. It’s got intel hardware and processors, a sexy case, every built-in technology I could want including BlueTooth, and a BSD based OS. What more could a geek want?

With the OS being BSD based, I can run all the good stuff I’ve become familiar with on Linux, plus be able to run the built-in software, and stuff designed specifically for the Mac. On top of all of that, using Parallels Desktop I can run any remaining Windows apps I can’t live without.

Plus, since my day job is as a software engineer, it’ll give me the chance to see what developing on a mac is all about.

The funny thing is, my decision to change seems to be coming at an interesting time in Apple history. With the introduction of the iPhone, then the subsequent price drop, and “update” which apparently removed some features of the phone, previously loyal Mac zealots are preparing to launch a jihad against Steve Jobs and Apple.

Apparently, the Apple community is up in arms over the the way Apple has handled things with the iPhone, and are accusing Steve Jobs of becoming just like Bill Gates gasp.

Ahh well, I still want my MacBook Pro. I just never seem to be into trends when they’re still “in style”.