Everyone Has a Blog, Why Not Me?

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So, it seems like everyone I know has a blog and/or a set of accounts on a myriad of social networking sites. In most cases, I don’t think they have anything interesting to say.

For that matter, I don’t think I have anything interesting to say. However, I do have random thoughts, and epiphanies which I’d like to document, even if no one is interested in reading them.

I’ll likely talk about just about anything that interests me here. Things like computer hardware/software and software engineering stuff, automobiles, electronics, being “green”, and my family.

I’m also hoping to improve my skills with the written word in the wonderfully complex english language. Maybe I’ll be able to convey information more easily in emails and such.

At any rate, read and enjoy if you like or totally ignore my random thoughts and rants, it’s up to you. Besides I’m not even sure who (you) are, and I’ll probably have to actively link people here in order for anyone to read it. ;–)