Dear Music

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Dear Music,

Paradigm Monitor Mini

First I must apologize for our lack of visits, I’ve been so busy running around taking care of my sweet baby boys, husband and home. I can’t believe it’s been so long since our last visit, you know a real visit when we can just sit and enjoy each other’s company. I know we were making regular visits before my second blessing arrived and we were really making strides while I listened to my heart beat, felt my breath fall in step with you and my foot steps as I enjoyed the early morning air. I’m sorry for not making you a bigger priority. I promise to make a bigger effort, after all taking the time to shut off my television and grooving and singing along with y’all makes me smile, laugh and giggle.

It’s amazing how a little Common, JayZ, Jill Scott, Mos Def can make me smile, shake my groove thang, and remember that life is fun to a beat. I love it when life slows down a little more to enjoy some Sara Vaughn, Billie Holidae, Ella Fitzgerald. Or the fun times to have pretending to be a supreme or one of Gladys’ Pips, in my bouffant sequence covered day dreams. Stevie, you just remind me of my childhood and make me want to cry while I sing along, reminding me of the good and sad times.

I love listening to India Arie and Erika Badu and I’m reminded that my afro, big booty, dynamite self is fantastic and amazing. Pink, Duffy, and even you Amy, remind me of all the angst and pain in life that is somehow is made better by a great song to sing or scream along.

Music, what I’m trying to say is I miss you and I promise to visit more often. I also promise to start the expose the baby boys to their slightly embarrassing mama trying to teach them about the joys of every kind of music she can stand, even the country music that your papa doesn’t have to know about. ;–)

Thank you music and we will be talking again soon, very soon.