8" Lilliput Cable Pinout

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So we just recently got a new sectional. In order to make space for it, we put our old recliner sofa in the back of my truck, and hauled it away. Of course, this meant I had to remove my car pc from the back of my explorer. Unfortunately, I didn’t tidy up the loose cables that were left behind before we put the couch in.

The result? I bent a bunch of the pins on my VGA connector on the cable to my 8” Lilliput touch screen. I tried bending them back, but they simply broke. So the only solution is to put a new connector on.

Now the Lilliput proprietary cable carries the VGA signal and the USB signal for the touchscreen. In total there are 9 wires. Of course, I had to figure out the pinout in order to connect everything back up.

Using a multimeter and some trial and error I figured it out for my cable. It might fit be the same for others, it might not but this info might be useful for somebody.

Lilliput Proprietary Cable USB VGA
green green -
orange black -
yellow white -
red red -
grey - pin1
brown/beige - pin2
black - pin3
blue - pin13
purple - pin14