4.5L Duramax - Saturn Sky

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Since the first time I saw the Saturn Sky Roadster I fell in love with it. Though, with my particular passion for diesel I’d love to see one with a diesel motor.

Well, in 2010 GM is planning to release a 4.5L V8 Duramax. All of the marketing materials and announcements say that it’s being designed to fit into the space of an LS small block, so pretty much anywhere a current GM v8 fits, this thing will too. And it’s currently being estimated at ~345hp!

This is good news, cause there are already several folks who have swapped LS1s and LS7s into Sky’s and Solstices, and even some people making aftermarket kits.

Now no one has said anything about if the 4.5 Duramax will have the same bolt pattern for the bellhousing as an LS, but it’s probably a safe bet that it will.

A sky equipped this way should be able to out perform all but the most elite Corvette, and knock down 35+ MPG on the highway. Yum!